Arcan Cetin, the Turkish national who is a green-card holder in the United States has been confirmed as the prime suspect in the Cascade Mall shooting in Washington state. Cetin, who killed five people in the shooting, wasn't a permanent citizen of the United States--but that didn't stop him from voting in the last three elections.

Federal investigators in the case have confirmed that Cetin voted in 2014 and also participated in three full election cycles. As a green card holder, Cetin is considered a permanent resident, but that doesn't grant him citizenship or voting privileges. To be a citizen Cetin would have had to apply for and go through a lengthy application process.

So he simply bypassed the process and voted anyway.

Records don't indicate which side of the ballot Cetin voted for, but it's clear that he took advantage of an opening in Washington state's law that doesn't require any kind of citizenship test for someone to vote at a voting station.

Washington's Secretary of State, Kim Wyman, explained that there just isn't a law in place to protect against voter fraud like Cetin's.

"We don’t have a provision in state law that allows us either county elections officials or the Secretary of State's office to verify someone’s citizenship," Wyman told reporters. That lack of provision is apparently in place to preserve an individual's "due process," but it's unclear how opening the door to foreigners voting in our elections is helping anyone.

Voting without being a citizen is a huge crime with large penalties and prison time. But it's ridiculous that Washington hasn't done anything to actually make it possible to protect against that crime. That's the same as if stores made it easier to shoplift. It's still illegal, but the crime is the same.

Thankfully this tragic case is bringing to light this terrible discrepancy. It's time for rules like this to change across the country.


King 5 News now states there is new information pointing to his citizenship, take a look at the updated video.

Cover-up or honest mistake? You make the call.

h/t: NBC News - King 5

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