Is he or isn’t he a she? Is she or isn’t she a he? Raise your hand if you are hair-pulling, eyes bleeding over it when it comes to the clown circus that is the one and only Bruce Jenner?

Sorry folks, but until the outtie is an innie, it’s always gonna be Bruce to this author. You are either XY (outtie), or XX (innie)—basic life science, health, biology, whatever was drilled into our heads in school.

Word is out, and it is probably just rumor, that Bruce wants to be a Bruce. Despite going drag, growing boobs, wearing hot-to-trot dresses, and continuing to date women, he is supposedly considering de-transition by reverting to being a guy.

He still likes women, and as the joke goes, he is your typical lesbian. He ain’t gay, right? Not if he running around in drag chasing girls.

What we have here is a failure to communicate between his brain, his nether region, and his hormones. What we need here is medication—strong medication, and the kind that doesn’t mess with sexual hormones, but rather fixes psychological problems.

What we really desperately need is to stop glamorizing the alphabet soup of the LGBTQ movement. It does nothing but encourage exploration by those with some sexual orientation confusion. Certainly being a young person drawn to the same sex is difficult enough.

Idiots like Bruce make it harder for them to accept who they are – whether you think it is a lifestyle choice or a "born-this-way" genetic thing, it is what it is. Behavior like his is dangerous to young confused minds.  He is not courageous. He is destructive to the psyches of our youth.

He needs to put on his big boy pants and get over himself. He isn’t special. He’s weird.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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