When it comes to arresting and deporting illegal immigrants the United States has no clear policy or enforcement program. Local sheriffs try to enforce the law one way, but federal officials come in with a completely different mindset and make things even worse.

In 2015, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency, abbreviated as ICE, detained over 150,000 illegal immigrants in the United States who were believed to pose some sort of criminal threat towards the country.

However, of the 150,000 detained, only around 64,000 were criminally charged and deported from the country. The rest were released to go back to terrorizing and wreaking havoc in the various communities where they were arrested. Local sheriffs, however, have just about had enough.

Of all the illegal immigrants arrested for criminal activity, sheriffs across the country report that only around 35 percent are even arrested by ICE officials after being held by the local authorities. The rest are held for a customary 48-hour holding period, and then released back into the communities where they came from.

Local sheriffs are afraid to do more than the 48-hour holding because many of the illegal immigrants are able to find legal help in suing sheriff departments that hold them longer than the legal limit. ICE is giving these sheriffs no assistance and they can't deal with the legal problems and police their communities well.

"It’s kind of a, ‘Do me a favor and hold them for 48 hours or more.’ When in fact there is no legal standing to do that," said one sheriff from Madison, Wisconsin. "ICE says ‘hold ’em, but we won’t defend you if you get sued."

The reason that ICE is so lenient with these illegals is because they are trying to implement a liberal agenda that comes down from President Obama. It's ridiculous that our own sheriffs can't police their communities and put these criminal illegal immigrants behind bars, or better yet deport them.

h/t: New Observer

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