The head of the Swedish national border police has admitted that the onslaught of Muslim immigrants into the Scandinavian country has made it impossible to track and deport those under deportation orders.

“We simply don’t know where they are,” said Patrik Engström, referring to more than 14,000 immigrants who have disappeared off the police radar.

The government agency for migration in Sweden had issued 21,748 deportation orders as of October 31, which is the most in history, but the enforcement of the orders by police has proved to be impossible.

Over 14,000 illegal immigrants have been registered by the police as “wanted,” but their whereabouts are unknown.

The remaining approximately 7,000 may be staying in refugee camps, in custody awaiting deportation, or already left for another country.

The Swedish government has tried to increase its efforts to deport illegal immigrants, but in the midst of the largest migration in Europe since the end of World War II, it admits there are simply not enough resources to do so.

“It’s a huge task and it is completely dependent on the police being allocated resources,” said Engström.

The illegals may also be working for “under the table” wages paid by employers using them as cheap labor.

Compounding the problem, illegals are often refused re-entry to their homelands in Afghanistan, Iran, Eritrea, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco and Somalia.

The migration bureau within the government turned over responsibility for deporting migrants to the police in October based on the belief that the situation was deteriorating and deportation would require coercion.

Police border agents have seen their efforts stymied by government policies allowing only random checks and prohibiting them altogether if based on skin color, ethnicity or spoken language.

As a result of these restrictive policies, authorities have not been able to make any significant reduction in the number of migrants crossing into Sweden on a daily basis, or a reduction in the number already illegally in the country.

“We simply do not know where they are,” said a police spokesman.

Sweden takes in more refugees on a per capita basis than any other country in Europe and its generous immigration policies have resulted in 16 percent of the population being comprised of immigrants from the Middle East and Africa.



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