It's the saddest thing in the world right now to see police officers coming under attack from citizens of the communities they're working to protect. After the shootings in Dallas, it appears that even more thugs are taking any chance they can find to attack and hurt police officers right now.

Take, for example, Marc LaQuon Payne, the 33-year-old man who recently rammed his car into three police officers in Phoenix, Arizona. Payne was under the influence of some drug or alcohol, but his madness is just a small part of the madness that's attacking police everywhere.

Payne had reportedly driven up to a QuikTrip mini-mart at approximately 2 a.m., the same time that three police officers had met outside the store to discuss the progress of one of the officers, a 33-year-old rookie who was on his first day with the force. The officers had been talking for some time when Payne pulled out of his parking spot, took a turn around the parking lot to get up speed, and rammed into them as fast as he could.

The collision broke one of the officers' legs and threw another through the glass window of the QuikTrip store. The third officer managed to jump out of the way, but was injured when he attempted to subdue Payne, the driver.

Payne had reportedly been arrested for attacking a police officer back in 1997, something that further adds to the thug's guilt.

The footage was all recorded on the store's security cameras and Payne is now facing three counts of attempted first-degree murder. With the security footage, conviction should come easily.

But convicting this thug isn't the point of this story and all the other stories that the U.S. Herald has written about police attacks. The point is that it's become open season for police officers and thugs like this one are out there attacking and targeting our officers. That has to stop and it has to stop now!

h/t: AZ Central

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