Birthright citizenship has come to the forefront of this election cycle. The term means that anyone born on American soil, regardless of their parents’ citizenship, is automatically a United States Citizen, per the 14th Amendment:

"All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside."

Friction within the party has arisen from the myriad of ways the candidates want to deal with the massive influx of criminal non-citizens; some want to reward them by condoning the DREAM Act, others want a guest worker program, and others want them rounded up and deported.

Representative Steve King (R-Iowa), has proposed legislation that would put an end to birthright citizenship. While he recognizes such rights are granted via the 14th Amendment, he believes that “constitutionally sound” legislation can be passed to terminate the automatic citizenship of foreign nationals’ US-born anchor-babies.

Further still, King wants those employers who choose to hire illegal aliens be subject to the New Illegal Deduction Elimination Act (New IDEA). Basically, if you hire an illegal alien you will get no tax deductions for their wages and benefits.

Scott Walker, GOP presidential candidate, is said to be considering the merits of ending birthright citizenship.

He wants to build a wall along the border and end sanctuary cities, but being that he isn’t Donald Trump, no one talks about Walker’s nearly identical position to that of Trump.

Jeb Bush wants to deal with things “realistically”, which seems to mean we need to somehow incorporate 11+million people illegally running around the country into our socio-economic system, while simultaneously slowing the flow over the border.

While all of the candidates are talking a good game, at the moment, it is clearly Representative King who is doing something constructive to further the slowing and stopping of illegal immigration via elimination of birthright citizenship, and economic penalties for employers, constructing a border wall, and bringing sanctuary cities to an end, and he is willing to take on the 14th Amendment of the Constitution to do it.

It is refreshing to see someone in D.C. taking the American people, and their lack of support for amnesty in any form of semantics, seriously.

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