While other elected officials, sickeningly and perhaps most disgustingly, the supposed “conservative” Republicans parse what it means to be a human being and when that happens in-utero, Representative Matt Salmon (R-AZ) is holding true to the facts.

When asked by CNSNews.com if he believed an unborn baby with a human heart and a human liver is a human being, he answered forthright and without caveat;
“…I think the hearts and minds of most Americans it is.

That’s why—we have such a double standard in the United States. If a criminal kills a pregnant woman, he’s prosecuted for two homicides.”

The flip-side of that coin is if a woman decides to go poison the heart of that child via injection, or have it torn limb from limb via DNC, she is given a free pass.

It does not phase her or the abortionist that the heart must be what is injected. If it weren’t living, why the heart and why poison? Because, it must be murdered, that’s why.

Salmon goes on;
“What hypocrisy. I mean, here in our country we consider that a life if someone murders or a terrorist kills somebody [in the womb]. Well, how about an abortion doctor? How’s that not murder? That’s how I feel.”

Salmon voted against further funding of the think-tank of murder, Planned Parenthood. In part due to the facts above, and even more so because the organization has been hatchet-jobbing babies and selling their parts like meat behind the jump-counter of a butcher shop.

Why are we not electing leadership like Salmon?

Because very few care, that’s why. Those that don’t ought be sucked down the sink too.

Source: CNS News


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