Rep. Jason Chaffetz, head of Congress's top government oversight body, is expected to announce his resignation at the end of June.

Chaffetz reportedly has been mulling a "high-profile" position in the private sector. However, it is unclear whether his expected departure might be politically timed.

Multiple sources in D.C. have indicated that Chaffetz will take a position at Fox News.

Chaffetz, 50, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, was first elected in 2008. In April, the Republican from Utah announced that he was not seeking another term in Congress.

Chaffetz stepping down would coincide with unsubstantiated allegations that President Donald Trump conspired with the Russian government to swing the election in his favor.

Justice Department officials have announced that former FBI Director Robert Mueller has been selected as special counsel to oversee the probe of the allegations.

Trump recently tweeted that at no other time in U.S. history has there been such an orchestrated "witch hunt" to destroy a presidency.

The president was referring to the recent barrage of allegations in the media that he passed top secret information to Russian officials during a meeting at the White House this week.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is offering to release the transcript of the meeting so as to dispel any notion that secrets were shared with his government.

Chaffetz's expected announcement also comes on the heels of the discovery of the so-called "Comey memos," in which the president is accused of obstructing justice during a meeting with FBI Director James Comey.

The recently fired Comey has been subpoenaed to testify before Chaffetz's oversight committee next week.

"I have not seen any evidence of actual collusion," Chaffetz said, according to Business Insider. "Where is the actual crime that they think they need a special prosecutor to prosecute? I just haven't seen it."

"I'm not even sure that these memos even exist," Chaffetz said, adding, "You can't run an investigation on anonymous sources in The New York Times. That's just not conclusive evidence."

In the continuing media war to unseat President Trump, truth was the first casualty.

Please share your comments if you think the timing of Congressman Chaffetz's pending resignation is politically motivated. Do you think Chaffetz would be a perfect fit at Fox News?

Source: Politico

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