The Middle Eastern refugee situation is nothing like Europe has seen since the aftermath of WWII. With millions of people flooding borders and inhabiting shelters wherever they can find them, tensions and frustration is high.

Those frustrations boiled over, on the part of the refugees, last week when a group of refugees inhabiting a small villa in Italy began complaining that the lack of free Wi-Fi at their shelter was an injustice.

So they began piling up their trash, outside on the street.

While this particular group of refugees only numbers two dozen or so, the amount of trash that piled up quickly fueled tensions between the refugees and locals.

When things looked like they might start into a fight, the mayor of the small Italian town of Ceranova stepped in.

The refugees want free Wi-Fi so that they can communicate with their families back home via Skype. But they also wish that the villa they are staying in came with a professional cleaning service. The combination of the two "injustices" resulted in their garbage protest.

The Ceranova altercation comes on the tail of other refugee situations across Europe. In Greece, migrants are refusing to be fingerprinted as they pass through the country's borders, instead choosing to undergo hunger strikes at the "inhumane" treatment.

Meanwhile, Italian citizens are being asked to foot the bill of housing the refugees that come their way, and now it seems they must put up with the stench of the refugees' garbage as well.

Perhaps these countries should begin instituting the same policy that Denmark has been exploring, seizing refugees' property worth over $1,300 to help pay for the cost of housing them.

Whatever the way this situation is resolved, it's clear that not all refugees who are crossing into Europe are showing a proper form of gratitude for the countries that are helping them. That ingratitude is only going to make things messier as the influx of refugees continues.

h/t: 100 Percent Fed Up

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