For all their aversion to pork, these Islamic refugees are utter pigs. Perhaps that explains their disdain for the meat; it is too much time in front of a mirror.

Time wasted that could be used to slaughter the innocent, try to establish a Caliphate, fake flee to another country and leave it in a human waste filled cesspool thereby giving credence to the old adage about being shat upon.

Take Nickelsdorf, Austria for example. The community, and country as a whole, has been on the front lines of this alien invasion by these supposed “refugees.” As an aside, where are all the women and children?

Have you looked at the videos and photos of these “poor innocent people” making the media rounds? If not, take a good look. For a religious sect that knows how to pump kids out by virtue of their harems, there sure seems to be a lack of each. Instead, you see young Middle Eastern men between the ages of 18-35.

Hmm…isn’t that the hallmark of a would-be terrorist? Oh wait-no. That would be a white person of American idealism and Christian faith trying to hop a plane to visit their granny in another state.

Nickelsdorf has been laid waste too. Human waste. The streets are covered in feces, urine, garbage, and piles of the supposed necessities, like blankets and clothing to keep them warm. Bathrooms provided to these ingrates were left overflowing with waste. While responsibility for that is something of a question that can be directed to those that placed them there, and did not maintenance them, at what point, as the toilet continues to “fill-up,” does one stop using a porta-potty?

Not to mention the mental anguish these Cretans have left the neighborhood in. Residents, particularly women have locked themselves away in fear, and because out on their own streets they were called “Christian whores.” By the supposed “Christian” refugees.

These refugees are not mostly Christians. These are fundamentalist radical Islamists that plan to take over a country one way or another. This is the Caliphate coming to a neighborhood near you. The mainstream media,  better start reporting this, and better get a grip, as should our President, or the next thing left in a feces landfill will be their own studios, our communities, and the White House.

Source: BizPacReview


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