Those nations under the control of Islamic law are known for the beating of wives. The miscreants “fleeing” those countries, aka infiltrating the world, have brought that backward primordial concept with them.

Brutality, rape, sex slavery, domination, lust, and blood lust are their alma mater.  We know this because of what is happening in Europe.

We have witnessed the terrorism in Paris, France. We learned over that over the New Year’s Eve holiday, radical Islamic demons poured into the street bent on raping anything female in their path.

Five-hundred fifty-five assaults occurred that night. Of those, 250 were rapes—one on one, gang rape, you name it.

The attacks have not stopped. In fact, one just occurred at the Schwetzingen train station. Two women were assaulted by a Muslim “refugee."

The shotgun-like sound of a bone snapping was heard all around when one of the women’s cheek bone was fractured.

There is no word on whether the assault proceeded or if bystanders stepped in to rescue her.

If they had, they were a little slow on the draw because she got her face broke. In which case, anyone in vicinity of the assault should be ashamed of themselves.

Angela Merkel should be drummed out of office. At the same time we should thank her for showing us exactly what these poor excuses for human beings are up to. They are not refugees. They are Jihadists.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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