The European Union is still urging its member countries to welcome increasing numbers of Syrian refugees into their communities as local residents are left to adjust to the inevitable culture clash and law enforcement officials are forced to deal with a crime wave of assaults, rapes and even murders.

Now, however, the financial cost to one country is being estimated as another loss for the citizens.

Swedish economist, researcher, and business professor at Stockholm University Jan Tullberg has studied the data and calculated the cost of the mass migration and arrived at the astronomical 600 billion Swedish Kronor ($70 billion) for 2015 alone.

Tullberg began by accepting the Swedish government’s costs of accepting the so-called “new Swedes,” as well as the government’s estimate that of the 163,000 asylum seekers who enter Sweden in 2015, approximately 60,000 will be rejected and deported to their home country, in all likelihood Syria.

He then adds the cost of relatives of the remaining 103,000 migrants who are automatically allowed to join a family member granted residence pursuant to the EU’s policy of “human right to family life” arriving at a total of 200,000 immigrants for purposes of calculating the 2015 cost to Sweden.

The Swedish Migration Bureau provides spending money to each immigrant for 414 days – nearly 14 months, before they are allowed to apply for a job in Sweden.

There is an asterisk on that number, however, as government records show it can take a migrant an average of eight years to find a job – if he finds one at all, during which time he receive the equivalent of $17,736 per annum.

Adding the huge expense of nearly $225 per day given to each unaccompanied minor for housing and food, Tullberg comes to the 600 billion Kronor total annual output spent on migrants.

That amount, nearly seven times Sweden’s annual defense budget, may be the true indicator of how the Swedish government values its citizens.

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