We've heard many stories about refugees expressing gratitude to the countries that take them in after they escape the harsh realities of their former lives. But the news has also covered several huge instances of refugees showing ingratitude, or demanding certain things that they feel they're being denied.

Unfortunately, we're encountering another story of ingratitude in a central-Pennsylvania school district where refugees are complaining that the schools they're attending aren't good enough. Several of the students banded together and launched a lawsuit against the school district, demanding that they be given better educational opportunities.

Besides being a slightly funny turn of events (what student in America would ask to be sent to a school that required more academic rigor?) this story is depressing.

The students in question are older, with their ages ranging from 17 to 21. That means they would typically be high school seniors or in their first few years of college. But instead of throwing them right into the academic rigors of a senior English class, the Pennsylvania school district in question decided to start a new program at a local high school that would help the students learn English, gain computer skills, and prepare to enter the workforce.

That upset at least one of the students, who argued that she should be given an education before she got a job.

"I responded that I didn’t want a job without an education," said a female refugee from Chad who was prompted to get a job because she was past the typical high school age.

Instead of enjoying the special program designed for them, the students want admittance into the local high school, McCaskey High School, where they believe they will be able to learn better.

Lacking competency in English and computers, however, would cause these students to definitely be a burden on the high school's teachers and the entire classroom full of students.

These refugees need to learn basic skills and show more gratitude for the opportunities that have been given them.

h/t: Fox News

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