An special piece of American history has been rediscovered in Massatuches. Conservators have found a cowhide and copper time capsule that was hidden under the Golden Dome of the Massachusetts State House. This unopened piece of history is said to be from 1795. If proven authentic, then it has a priceless link to the founding of our country.

The time capsule is said to have been buried by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere, two of this country's founders, two of the good men who started our great land. With all that goes on today, with all of the re-writing of history books, this find could really mean something. This time capsule could prove to our children just who started this land and just what they stood for, it could show remind us all of the men who cared so much for our nation's liberty and freedom at any cost.

It is good to remember those who started our nation, and the finding of this time capsule makes for an exciting way to do that. To find a little piece of history, to view it and to read about it... this gets us thinking about our nations past and that is never a bad thing. The time capsule that was found should remind us all of our country's beginnings and all that this land has been through. This finding should remind us that our history is important, and that we need to remember just what the founding fathers wanted for our great country.

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