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No doubt if you’re a bean counter and look at the world through the narrow lens of skin pigmentation, and ignore the world around you, then indeed this poster is “racist!” Thankfully most critical thinking individuals look at this poster for what it was intended, reminding children to practice “pool safety” courtesy of the Red Cross.

However if you’re Margaret Sawyer and an apparent “bean counter” then obviously race becomes the critical issue, and perhaps “pool safety” is merely a subterfuge for a much wider issue of subliminal racism by the Red Cross.

Sawyer chronicles the first time she saw the poster in Salida; "I thought 'It must be really outdated. This can't possibly be a recent poster,'" she said.

However when she encountered the poster for a second time at a public pool in Fort Morgan, well one could just imagine all those different shades of beans (skin pigmentation), doing all sorts of things, and of course Sawyer was stunned, exclaiming: "I saw this one and I just kept thinking 'It looks like they're trying to do something here that shows all kids together of all different backgrounds but they're clearly not hitting the mark.'"

She continued reading into the cartoon visuals before her, noticing that "not cool" behavior involved only dark-skinned children, while “cool” behavior involved lighter skinned children.

She continued in her skewed analogy commenting; "When I saw the poster, I just, was just very saddened that the Red Cross had chosen to put out an image that might one, discourage African-Americans from trying swimming if they were new to it, and also something that would extend a negative stereotype."

William Fortune a spokesmen for the Red Cross explained the children depicted in the poster, "were more designed to be children rather than any racial motivation."


However, it worth pointing out that if one actually looks at the poster objectively, Sawyer was factually incorrect about the ‘COOL” and “NOT COOL” depictions of the cartoon characters, however if you’re a “bean counter” and look at the world through the narrow lens of skin pigmentation, it really doesn’t much matter.

In that the American Red Cross issued an apology which of course was the “politically correct” thing to do, and totally “not cool!”

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