Apple Valley…semi-remote high-desert land in Southern California. This would seem like the perfect place for Jihadists to get together and hang out around the campfire and sing Kumbayallah. It must be a little like home given all the sand and rocks.

According to some nearby campers, the Middle Eastern guys numbered between 15 and 30. Various sources are reporting contradictory information in this regard.

It has been reported that at some point, the men put on turbans and started yelling Allahu Akbar, the bellwether call to arms and the killing of infidels. The whole turban wearing thing is a bit odd since that head adornment is more commonly associated with Sikhs.

Then again, how many would recognize the difference between a turban, the head gear of a Saudi, Palestinian, or the Ayatolla. Probably not many, and it is likely plenty would call them turbans.


The non-Middle Eastern campers called the cops. The cops rodeo-ed to the situation and detained the men.

An FBI agent was also involved in the investigation, the results of which were that the men had registered vehicles, registered guns (except for a rifle) and, “None of the persons interviewed yesterday were identified as terrorists,” said a San Bernardino County Sheriff’s spokesperson, Jodi Miller.

Well Allahu-Ullah! That was a super fast in-depth investigation.

How many of you think a bunch of white Christian men shooting guns off into the air screaming “Jesus Lives!” would have gotten the same treatment?

No, they would not have. Unlike this buried headline, the white men’s faces, ages, names, families, church memberships, what they ate for breakfast that day, would have been splashed across every headline of every mainstream media outlet one could imagine.

According to Conservative Tribune, this particularly camping area is known for “reporting sketchy stories…” Maybe, maybe not…San Bernardino County…Middle Eastern men, screams of Allahu Akbar, gun fire, 15-30 of them. Remember, this county was the scene of December’s slaughter by two Jihadists.

If we see something, we are supposed to say something. It goes nowhere. No doubt charges of IslamoFAUXbia will be flying soon. God forbid anyone mistakes what a turban is.

If true, the people did the right thing, and if innocent the group of men should not be insulted. After all it is their culture that has cast the shadow of doubt with respect to Islamists in general.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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