Although the federal court has ordered the Obama Administration to halt the “unconstitutional” migration of illegal aliens flooding across the Southwest U.S. border, the onslaught continues in record numbers, and apparently unabridged.

Customs and Border Protection set a new FY2016 apprehension record in April, catching a total of 38,135 illegal aliens over the 30-day period, an average of about 1,271 per day.

April’s apprehension total is 1,121 aliens higher than those reported in December, which until last month was the record-holder for apprehensions so far in FY2016.

As the number of unaccompanied minors streaming into the United States from Mexico continues to skyrocket past FY2014 numbers, border agents report apprehending another 5,198 unaccompanied minors at the U.S. Mexico border in April, bringing the total number of UACs apprehended since Oct. 1 to an alarming 32,952.

There’s no doubt that Obama’s goal is to continue flooding America with as many illegal aliens as it possibly can, regardless of the economic consequences it will have on those marginal working Americans, many of whom are African-Americans, however every American is at risk simply because many of those crossing our border pose both a terrorist and a health risk to every man, woman and child.

So far in FY2016, CBP reports having made 223,900 apprehensions at the Southwest U.S. border and one can only imagine the number of those that haven’t been apprehended, and the potential health risk facing America.

Do you think Trump's wall will help slow the flood of illegals into the U.S.?

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Source: MRCTV



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