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Can you hear that?


I can.

Do you know what that sound is?

It is the over whelming sound of silence.


Because it is okay, according to some (AKA the race-baiting Administration and its lackeys like the Reverends Sharpton and Jackson, and the main-stream media), for a black person, in this case a male, to go on the hunt for a non-black person in order to kill them. That’s right, not a word spoken in a whisper or a wail, against such an atrocity.

That silent sound you hear speaks volumes. It speaks so incredibly loudly your ears should be ringing with such intensity that you hold your head in pain and drop to your needs begging for the insanity to stop.

That silence from our supposed leaders of freedom and those that relay their words to us says so much. It says that it is okay for any black person to go out and attack, injure and kill any non-black person. That silent sound is advocating for racially motivated violence, the likes of which this country has not seen since the days of slavery. That silent sound lowers the stars and stripes and raises the stars and bars and dons the hood of hatred.

That silence is the not-telling of the April murder of an innocent man, a grandfather, Armando Barron (54), who, while minding his own business on a walk home from a grocery trip, was set upon by the 22 year old mongrel thug Jeremiah Bell, who with bat in hand, was beaten to death on the street. Jeremiah Bell was on the prowl with a mission, to kill “anybody who wasn’t black.”

If that is not worthy of outcry from ever member of every form of leadership in this country, be it administratively at the national, state, or local levels, special interest groups, and by all means the media, I don’t know what is!

Instead, we don’t even get lip-service. We get the sound of silence.

h/t: Conservative Tribune



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