Too often the news and media focus on the people in the world who are abusing power, hurting others, or simply making the world a worse place to live in. For one man, Leonard Robinson, however, a darkening world was nothing more than a call to action.

Robinson, a Maryland man who was recently killed in a traffic accident, spent his time, effort, and money dressing as Batman and helping sick kids at hospitals find the will to recover. Known as Batman to friends and family, Robinson did more than simply dress in a black suit and talk to children.

According to reports, he spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to perfect his costume, drive a Lamborghini-style Batmobile, and give gifts and presents to the children who he visited at multiple hospitals.

One nonprofit leader said that Robinson "helped sick kids to heal. "Literally, thousands and thousands of sick kids' lives were better because of him."

Once, while being pulled over for his odd license plate tags that simply read "Batman," Robinson was able to bring a smile to police officers' faces as he provided them with his license, registration, and the real tags to his vehicle. When Robinson told the officers that he was on the way to a hospital, they took pictures with him and told him, "God speed."

Robinson's life of service ended tragically this past Sunday as he stopped in traffic to check the engine of his Batmobile. Robinson hadn't pulled all the way out of the way of traffic, however, and a speeding car struck his vehicle which slammed into Robinson killing him.

Here is a man who lived his life serving others and helping to make the world a better place. While some might laugh at his attempts to be a real-life superhero, to the children he helped Robinson will forever be remembered as Batman, someone who brought happiness and joy into their lives that were so full of sickness and pain.

h/t: Freedom Outpost

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