Hillary's campaign has had to deal with one scandal after the next it's a wonder that they haven't been buried in the guilt and corruption. The last scandal had to do with the information about the Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton that was just brought to light by a rape victim.

What is presented raises some serious doubts about what Hillary is willing to do or not do to in order to get what she wants.

Kathy Shelton was a victim of rape at the age of 12 in 1975. At the time Clinton was doing legal aid work in Fayetteville for the University of Arkansas. She helped to defend the alleged rapist of Shelton as part of this legal aid.

There have been audio tapes released from the 1980's interviews with Clinton that reveal some morally horrifying information. In the tapes Hillary is heard explaining how she can seize loopholes in order reduce the sentence of the rapist.

She was eventually able to exploit the system so much that she could negotiate a plea deal that allowed the rapist to only serve 1 year in prison and 4 years of probation.

Clinton was even heard laughing about the very serious case.

Shelton had some things to say about the case, especially her sick laughter.

U.K. Daily Mail reports that Shelton had this to say, "I just want to know, you’ve got a daughter and a grandbaby. What happens if that daughter of yours, if that would have been her?"

"You would have protected her. You don’t know me, so I’m a piece of crap to you," continued Shelton. "Who cares about me, as long as you can win your first case as an attorney?"

That's the exact attitude that Clinton takes on every issue. It doesn't matter what secrets get leaked, who dies, or who gets away without the justice they deserve as long as Hillary can keep climbing the ladder.

Clinton has tried to create the image that she is an advocate for children and yet she has feverishly fought to discredit Shelton multiple times 4 years ago and eve said that she had mental health issues. You would think a children's advocate would have more compassion for a child rape victim.

We all know that sometimes defense attorneys have to defend some pretty shady clients, but what is truly disturbing is her laughter about getting the client off free. This shows her true colors and they are sickening.

This only further proves the point that she has no compassion and is willing to stoop to the lowest depths in order to get what she wants.

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Source: Conservative Tribune



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