The left continues to claim that the Muslim migrants coming into Western countries are nothing but peaceful do-gooders that wish us no harm and are simply seeking asylum. Yet, the statistics continue to disprove this claim and point to a much more gruesome reality. This horrifying trend couldn't be any more prevalent than it is in Europe. Since the recent influx in Muslim migrants moving into Europe, crime rates, specifically rape, have shot through the roof, and if we don't do something to curb this immigration in the United States then this horrifying situation will hit very close to home very soon.

Austria has seen some of the worst of it. Recent statistics posted by The Express' Melinda Robinson show that the number of rapes has increased by 133% in only one year. This is a shocking statistic that should get the attention of governments facing this migrant porblem across the globe.

The Freedom Party of Austria obtained these staggering statistics from Austria's Ministry of the Interior.

Austrian interior minister Wolfgang Sobotka expressed his concern over the rise in rape cases, highlighting that last year only 39 migrants were rape suspects, as opposed to the 91 refugees that had already been identified and confirmed as sexual assault suspects by September.

The statistics reveal that most of these violent migrants came from Afghanistan, which also had a large increase in rape suspect this year, from 16 to 47 suspects.

The Freedom Party of Austria's National Councillor Christian Lausch expressed his outraged at the statistics failure to show that, of the other 438 Austrians listed as rape suspects, many had an "immigrant background."

One member of law enforcement, who insisted on being anonymous, from Vienna’s largest judicial institution said, "The number of ‘real’ Austrians [convicted] for rapes is negligible. There are big problems with other cultures."

We've seen this same trend all across Europe and it's more than just a little bit troublesome. It serves as insight into what could happen here in America if liberals get their way and open our borders to any rapist, terrorist, or just plain criminals looking for a new playground to act out their indiscretions.

Luckily, it seems that Trump understands this very real threat, and has a plan to deal with it that will keep Americans safe and sound.

Please share and show the real statistics that come with this massive Muslim migration.

Source: The Geller Report


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