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It would appear after the bloodbath in San Bernardino, California, that a growing chorus of law enforcement professionals, security annalists and legislators are speaking out and encouraging private citizens with “carry permits” to arm themselves, 24/7.

The latest high-profile politician and presidential candidate is none other than Rand Paul who appeared Friday with Fox’s own Gretchen Carlson and said gun control isn’t the answer to our national security dilemma, and lawmakers should actively encourage citizens to arm themselves, saying; I’m all for self-defense, I think it lets the attackers know that if they want to come attack us in this country, that we will kill them and that we will defend ourselves.”

And according to the most recent data, Americans are indeed arming themselves in fact Black Friday was a record-setting day for gun purchases.

The National Instant Criminal Background Check System processed a whopping 185,345 requests, making it the biggest day on record.

Moreover Americans are paying attention with a majority (over 60%) concerned that the federal government is doing little in its “war on terrorism”, and Obama’s speech on Sunday has no doubt done little to end those concerns, and the fact that he will not pause his reckless Syrian refugee policy simply confirms he’s  out of touch with the American people

Do you support allowing concealed carry everywhere in the United States?

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