A Wyoming rancher is being fined millions by the EPA for constructing and filling a pond on his own, private land. The EPA has claimed that the rancher's pond violates the Clean Water Act and has laid down a fine of $37,000 each day that the rancher keeps his pond on the property.

To-date that fine has totaled up to $16 million.

Andy Johnson, the rancher, has filed a lawsuit against the EPA claiming that "The EPA is on a mission to expand its power.  They want to take over jurisdiction over private property throughout the United States."

Though the EPA says that it has tried to work with Johnson for months to find a settlement that will satisfy their agenda, Johnson is adamant that he went through the proper procedures and legal hoops to construct the pond.

"We went through all the hoops that the state of Wyoming required . . . The EPA ignored all that."

The EPA's claim that the ranch's pond violates the Clean Water Act centers on the fact that it doesn't believe Johnson built the pond to supply livestock with water. Instead, it believes that Johnson constructed the pond for beautifying purposes and says that any square footage of the pond not used for livestock goes against the Clean Water Act.

Johnson's reply is that he's provided natural wetland that now supplies not only his own animals but also wild animals like eagles and moose with grazing and watering opportunities.

Johnson's wetland argument would seem to appease the EPA when it comes to this issue. After all, the agency is constantly trolling the United States seeking endangered species and areas where growth needs to be cut back to prompt the reemergence of "endangered" species.

However, it's clear from the suit against Johnson that the EPA is simply after control over the land in America. Like some out-of-control homeowner's association they want complete and absolute control over all the land, public and private, in this country.

h/t: Freedom Outpost

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