Border Patrol agents have uncovered another way that illegal immigrants are exposing the weaknesses in our nation's borders and sneaking into the country. In Texas, safe houses that are called "Stashhouses" are operated by illegal immigrants who use them as way points to help illegal immigrants bypass border agents and infiltrate the country.

In Edcouch, Texas, agents recently found a Stashhouse with 32 illegal immigrants hiding inside. One of the residents of Edcouch called agents after seeing 2 of the 32 illegals leaving the house. Patrol officers watched the house and eventually spotted an unmarked sedan leaving the house.

Officers followed the vehicle and pulled it over for failing to observe signaling laws. Inside were two undocumented illegal immigrants from Guatemala who admitted to being in the country unlawfully. Shortly after pulling over the vehicle, officers raided the Stashhouse.

Inside they found 30 other illegals lounging around the house, one of whom admitted to being paid $1300 to oversee operations at the house.

Stash House 32 by ildefonso ortiz

This operative was in charge of keeping track of illegals as they entered the country and made their way to the house. He was also in charge of setting a schedule and organizing the house, determining when illegals could cook their meals, where they should all sleep, and most of all to remain quiet.

Both the person in charge of the house, and the woman who was driving the vehicle that was pulled over have been arrested for alien smuggling, but is that enough?

Other raids in Texas have consistently turned up large numbers of illegal immigrants being housed in Stashhouses like the one in Edcouch, or even in such places as cemeteries.

It's becoming clear that America's borders are insecure, lawless zones where money is becoming the ruling law. If an immigrant has the money to pay one of these smugglers, they can get away with illegally entering the country. It's time to crack down, people. We need to secure the border.

h/t: Breitbart

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