There is no denying that a large portion of those on welfare are nothing more than parasitic. They live on the dole.

They mock the rest of us as the welfare system becomes our master. We are slaves to 50% of those on “assistance” programs.

In so doing, welfare mommas and baby daddies become our distant bosses. Those bosses are corrupt thieves. They waste their financial aid on things like cigarettes.

Up to 50% of those on the dole, who have no family to support, are solo societal sponges. They sit around yucking it up having a smoke.

They don’t work. They are among the Able Bodied Working Adults without Dependents.  Cigarettes are the go to source of handout.

After blowing our tax payer money, the Thrifty Food plan, they come back for seconds. In doing so, they get more food, Obama phones, housing, medical, and hard cash.

The rest of us get to slave away knowing that our tax payer money lines the pockets of DC, greases the skids of welfare rats, and paying more and more and more in taxes at the national, state, and local levels in the form of property and sales tax.

Enough is enough.

The losers in society, those that have a life goal of welfare, need to be amputated from our hands, which feed them, and told to go figure it out.

Source: Conservative Tribune



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