Denmark’s criminal justice systems is well known for favoring attempts at rehabilitation as opposed to retribution, but even there, a recent crime so shocked the High Court of the Scandinavian country that it upheld the longest juvenile sentence in its modern history.

Lisa Borch, now 16-years-old, will serve nine years following her conviction, along with that of her 29-year-old “boyfriend” Bakhtiar Mohammed Abdulla, for murdering her mother after the High Court denied her appeal when she changed her initial claim that a “white man” had been seen running out of the house after the attack to blaming the murder on Abdulla.

The teenager had become radicalized first with a relationship with an older, married Muslim man, and then with Iraq-born Abdulla whom she had met at a refugee center near her home in northern Denmark.

Prosecutor Karina Skou told the court Borch’s demeanor when police arrived at the home after being summoned by her call to the emergency operator was suspicious, as she “remained sitting in the living room playing with her iPhone and watching videos on youtube. When asked where her mother was, the teenaged girl refused to leave her computer, simply pointing upstairs to her mother’s bedroom.”

Her mother, Tina Römer Holtegaard, was found lying in a blood-soaked bed where she had been stabbed at least 20 times with a long bladed kitchen knife while she slept in the family home.

“This murder was cold blooded, ice cold and committed in a bestial manner,” Skou told the court in summation.

The aloof and disinterested manner of the teenager made her the focus of the inquiry almost immediately and investigators were able to determine that Borch had not only watched violent ISIS videos “all evening long,” as they testified at trial, but found that the computer history revealed repeated viewings of ISIS videos of beheadings, particularly of two Britons who had gone to Syria on humanitarian missions.

Borch and the much older Abdulla originally blamed the brutal murder on each other, presenting different versions of the crime for the court to consider, although police found Abdulla’s fingerprints in the mother’s bedroom.

The teenager’s twin sister, who attended the sentencing but did not look at the defendant, had moved out of the home due to constant arguing as the mother begged Lisa to cut off her relations with Abdulla and “live the life of a normal teenager.”

The Muslim man, Abdulla, was sentenced to be deported from Denmark after he completes his 13-year sentence.




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