The woman who has been arrested for toppling a Confederate Monument in Durham North Carolina is being hailed as a hero and the perks are already flooding in.

North Carolina Central University is so inspired by the illegal actions of Takiyah Thompson that they are considering giving her a free education. Thompson is charged with two felonies for participation in a riot and inciting others to riot.

Faculty and students are celebrating what this criminal has done and want the world to know they are all in when it comes to the destruction of monuments that a small portion of the population doesn't like.

“I saw the demonstration and the toppling of the monument. I think it’s a healthy thing for students to have a voice and to be leaders in activism,” said Jim C. Harper II, chair of the history department. “We’re going to do everything we can to support Ms. Thompson.”

Allan Cooper who is a professor at the school was so proud of Thompson he had the entire class applauding, literally, her crime.

“She is an inspiration to watch,” said Holmes. “She gave a brilliant interview, was arrested, came out and had a big smile on her face. She is resilient and smart and knows she’s done something that has awakened the conversation around race.”

Thompson wasn't the only belligerent thug who was involved in taking the statue down but she got busted on video and is now not willing to pay the price for her actions.

NCCU professors are reportedly raising cash for Thompsons legal defense as well.

All of this leaves a simple question to be asked. How did our college education system get to this point where intolerance is celebrated?

Do you think the majority of black Americans care at all about Confederate Monuments or is this just a narrative being stoked by leftist extremists and furthered by a liberal media who are more than happy to sit back and make cash off the increased rioting, crimes and violence that their "coverage" yields?

Source: Chronicle

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