The Lord does indeed work in mysterious ways. Want proof? A bumbling and less than nimble wanna be terrorist planed to kill churchgoers in Paris however instead of the planed carnage, the hapless Islamic extremist shot himself. With blood pouring out of the self-inflicted wound Sid Ahmed Ghlam 24, did what any self-respecting terrorist would do, call an ambulance.

The Algerian national was waiting outside his apartment building when both the paramedics and the police arrived and immediately followed the blood trail back to Ghlam’s auto where they discovered an arsenal of weapons and documents outlining potential targets.

Investigators found three Kalashnikov assault rifles along with phones and computers inside the home located in southeastern Paris. French prosecutor Francois Molins indicated that the computer was used to maintain contact with someone in Syria. Molins went on to elaborate further:  “The overseas contact explicitly asked him to target a church,” adding that it was “an imminent attack.”

Also discovered in the suspect’s apartment were Arabic-language literature that mentioned Al Qaeda and the Islamic State, and while there’s no immediate evidence that Ghlam has any direct links to any terrorist group, however the authorities were aware that Ghlam had expressed a wish to fight with Islamist militants in Syria but he was not put under surveillance, officials conceded.

Aside from the botched up Sunday attack, Ghlam is also a suspect in the murder of a young woman whose body was found hours before he was arrested. She was found shot to death in her car in Paris suburb Villejuif on Sunday morning. She appeared to have been killed at random. Ballistics evidence linked her murder to Ghlam, a security official said.

At a news conference last week Prime Minister Manuel Valls referencing the botched terrorist attack saying: "The terrorists target France to divide us," Thankfully in this particular instance, the Lord did work in a mysterious way.

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