Once again Atheists have decided to force their belief of nothing onto a small Indiana town by trying to destroy their Christmas tradition of having a nativity scene near the courthouse.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation, along with two residents, has filed a lawsuit a federal lawsuit against Franklin County Indiana because they feel that the nativity scene crosses the line for separation of church and state. They said in the suit that they feel the nativity scene shows that the local government endorses a specific religion, even though the local government has said that they would welcome displays from any and all religions.

In a not so shocking turn of events the ACLU has signed on to help aid the Freedom From Religion Foundation's cause to destroy Christmas and tradition for local residents. This isn't the first time the ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation have tried to destroy Christmas. It seems that they attack nativities at least once every year. However, this isn't the first time Franklin County has heard from the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The foundation has been targeting Franklin County to remove the nativity every year since 2010.

Annie Laurie Gaylor, co-president of the Freedom From Religion Foundation, said, "There are ample private and church grounds where religious displays may be freely placed. Once Franklin County enters into the religion business, conferring endorsement and preference for one religion over others, it strikes a blow at religious liberty, forcing citizens of all faiths and of no religion to support a particular expression of religion."

Over the years Atheists have become more and more outspoken, and more hellbent on forcing their belief of nothingness onto the public. They claim that it's about freedom of religion, and that the placement of nativities shows a preference to a specific religion, because in their minds displaying that scene is the equivalent of forcing someone to worship Christ,which is preposterous. The real motive seems to be to destroy religion and belittle those that have faith.



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