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White Not Welcome may as well have been the attention grabber of the job posting at the University of Louisiana. So much for diversity, tolerance, “why can’t we all just get along,” and “I have a dream.”

Apparently, those things do not apply to those of the Caucasian pigmentation.

The University of Louisiana recently posted an Assistant Professorship Wanted ad for the Department of Physics and Astronomy.

All those qualified should apply!

The fine print said that the position would be “filled by an African-American, a Hispanic American, or a Native American.” Was that alphabetized, or are the Native Americans last resort in terms of selection?

Notice that Asians, rate right up there with white folk, as they too are excluded. The University rescinded that ad because they forgot to include disabled people. Uh-huh…sure they did.

Even Duke University took issue with this. In fact, Duke’s Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer, who happens to also be the President of the National Association of Diversity Officers in Higher Education, Benjamin Reece, Jr. calls BS on this situation. “I’ve never seen that before and it strikes me as inappropriate,” he said.

Ya’ think? How many universities advertising that a position will be “filled by an Asian or a Caucasian,” would be given a pass? Not one, and rightfully so.

The University of Louisiana’s job posting flies in the face of the Civil Rights Act (Titles, VI and VII), says Marshall Rose (President of the American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity). Title VI makes it illegal to exclude and discriminate “under federally assisted programs,” like a university, based on “race, color or national origin.”

Title VII applies to employers, again, like the university.

This War on White People has got to stop. There isn’t a person alive among any of the races who lived during the era of slavery.

Sure, there are those among us who were on the wrong side of the Civil Rights Movement, but they lost. Let it go. Particularly anyone under the age of 50. That movement was about equality—not favoritism.

The University should be ashamed of itself and stripped of all funding.

Source: Recruitment Grapevine

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