Attorney General, Eric Holder, believes that U.S. race relations are in good hands with President Obama. He told MSNBC that "we are in a better place than we were before."

President Obama also believes that he’s had a positive impact on race relations. He told NPR that America is, "less racially divided."

If only merely believing made it so.

A recent Pew Research Center poll found most Americans unsupportive of the race relations leadership coming from the White House. Black approval of the President is down to 57%, while white approval is down to 33%. Even more surprising, the President has lost the support of the liberal-minded under-30 voters who helped boost him into office. Meanwhile, Attorney General Eric Holder has one of the lowest approval ratings of any public official.

The President and the Attorney General have not only lost the faith of the public, but also the support of the country’s law enforcement community. Milwaukee Sheriff and African-American Democrat, David Clarke, was critical of the administration’s leadership on a recent radio show. His disappointment was obvious when he said that these so-called leaders, "have created a pathway that contributes to an unjustifiable hatred of law enforcement officers across the country…they trashed an entire profession."

The Department of Justice has openly displayed its bias and disdain for law enforcement for years and has a racked-up a history of racially and politically motivated actions. In 2009, charges were dropped against black defendants of the New Black Panther Party who were intimidating Philadelphia voters at polling stations.

In 2012, the DOJ disciplined Seattle police officers for "implicit bias" and weakened the use-of-force rules. The changes put police officers in danger and prevented them from being able to defend themselves and the public. Without the standard use-of-force guidelines, crime rates sky-rocketed.

In 2013, there was no disciplinary action taken after the Inspector General of the Justice Department reported rampant harassment of conservative employees in the Civil Rights Division.

With such blatant mistrust and disrespect of Americans and law enforcement officials, is it any wonder that race relations have tanked in the United States? The President and the Attorney General say the country is better off now, but for who? Criminals? Civil-rights quacks like Al Sharpton?

With rising animosity, tension, and crime rates, President Obama's race relations leadership is certainly not better for average Americans looking to work and live in safe communities.



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