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It should certainly come as no surprise that those that make a profitable living within the grievance and victimization industry always need a fresh new crop of individuals to vilify and continue their narrative of systemic racism, and of course who better than Donald Trump, the epitome of “white privilege.”

Aside from tax cheat Al Sharpton there’s always the Rev. Jesse Jackson to “gin-up” the troops, the same Jesse Jackson and father of former congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr., who spent 30-months in a federal prison camp in Montgomery, Alabama, for stealing $750,000 in campaign funds.

Obviously honesty and ethics has never been an issue with the Jackson clan, even way back when, the elder Jackson claimed he cradled a dying Martin Luther King in his arms, and stating to the world that King had “died in my arms.”

So when Jackson makes another phony claim and blames Donald Trump for the sick ambush in Dallas that claimed the lives of 5-brave police officers, it’s within that backdrop of hypocrisy that one would expect of someone who used the exact same deplorable, and disingenuous methods in advancing his own career on the night of April 4th 1968, and ironically using the act of another evil sniper to once again advance is own faltering and race baiting career.

h/t: Conservative Tribune

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