This entitled brat though it would be funny to race-bait her local community in order gain support for her cause. She wasn't subtle about it either. What she did resulted in a major reality check from the judge and put her behind bars.

Thinking that she had outsmarted everyone, Kayla McKelvey, a student at New Jersey’s Kean University, created a fake twitter account and got to work stirring up the local population. McKelvey started used her fake twitter for a sick joke that resulted in a waste of $82,000 and McKelvey dealing with the law.

The account was filled with fake threats talking about killing and hurting black students on campus.


Many of the tweets read just like these and said things like:

“…i will kill all the blacks tonight, tomorrow, and any other day if they go to kean university”

“the cops won’t save you…you’re black #keanuniversity”

“theres a bomb on your campus”

Right at the time of these posts there was a student rally centered around racial issues, so the timing of McKelvey's hoax was no accident.

Shortly after making the tweets, McKelvey went back to her friends bragging about the "racist demands."

Due to these threats both Homeland Security and local law enforcement spent somewhere around $82,000 on additional security for the campus, as well as an in depth investigation into the tweets.

In addition, many students missed class, while others demanded that Kean President Dawood Farah resign due to their concern hateful environment that came from what they didn't know were false threats.

It didn't take officials too long to catch this 'genius' and they wanted to make her pay.

As a result of the account and the subsequent threats, Judge Robert Mega slammed McKelvey with the maximum sentence of 90-days behind bars to help put her in her place, and that's not all.

Judge Mega wanted to make sure that this race-baiting brat got the message ,and gave her a little something special, 5 years probation and 100 hours in a labor assistance program.

Furthermore, she has mandated that McKelvey attend counseling and an anger management program, citing her behavior as a "selfish plan of hate that created terror and mayhem and put her classmates, school, and police officers at risk."

Judge Mega still had one more trick up her sleeve. In addition to the other punishments dealt out to McKelvey the court demanded that she pay back every cent of the $82,000 wasted by her idiotic antics.

Hopefully, this will teach McKelvey and other race-baiters like her to shut up and quit this sickening behavior just to get attention. The real tragedy is that the jail time sentence couldn't be any longer. McKelvey is going to need a whole lot of time to think about what sort of filth she brings to society.

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Source: Mad World News


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