A young United States Marine Veteran, Anthony “T.J.” Antell was gunned down by a psychotic animal while attempting to defend a stranger.


The stranger was a young woman by the name of Quinisha Johnson, and she exposed a little too much cleavage for her “man’s” liking. He took issue with a selfie she posted online and decided to have a talk with her about it.

Ricci Bradden would be her prize male specimen of the human species. Ricci decided to pay a visit to the Arlington, Texas Walgreens where his wife worked so as to discuss her selfie.

He showed up and the argument escalated to the point where her husband decided he needed to get his point across in a more definitive fashion. He pulled out a gun and began shooting his wife, hitting her twice in the legs and once in the ankle.

About this time, Antell stepped in and put his life on the line to protect Ms. Johnson. Mr. Antell was a legal gun owner authorized to carry concealed. He had his weapon in his car, and unfortunately before he could retrieve it, he was murdered. He was gunned down in front of his wife.


Ricci has been arrested and charged with murder for the death of Antell, and other charges for the attack on his wife. Meanwhile, Antell’s wife is now a widow and mom to three little-ones that she must raise alone.

Hopefully Bradden spends the rest of his natural life in prison and his afterlife in Hell where he belongs.

Source: Mad World News


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