It is a sad day in America when you find yourself saying “right on,” when the leader of another country effectively b****-slaps your own president.  If that does not say something about the state of leadership in this country today, what does?

So, on his recent visit to see the Queen of England, Obama rodeo-ed 6 helicopters to take him, and his entourage, to Windsor Castle and luncheon with the Queen. She was not impressed as the aircraft destroy the lawn and it was “over the top.”


Obama, despite reported protests, was forced to listen to the 90-year old matriarch of another country. You see, he is used to getting his way with England given their weak-kneed pansy of a Prime Minister.

Too bad for him. Elizabeth saw her nation through WWII, and President Mom Jeans is nothing compared to the Third Reich. Pffft!

Needless to say, “She [the Queen] rarely imposes her will, but when she does people listen…”

So, Obama was brought to heel at the Queen’s behest. It is nice to see Obama put in his place every now and then. The guy needs to learn that he is not truly the ruler of the free world.

England already has a Queen and King, and they don’t need or want another, least of all King Barack and Queen Michelle.

Source: Mad World News



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