When Jordan's King Abdullah II recently stood up against the horrific deeds of ISIS, not only did his bold actions attract curious attention to his country, but also brought some interesting highlights to his wife, Queen Rania.

Queen-RaniaHer outward appearance is clearly magnified by a deep sense of commitment to doing the right thing, projecting a force of character that has been unequaled. Queen Rania of Jordan strongly believes in an equal education for all children, regardless of gender. In a country that is 90% Muslim, that isn't a stance that's easily promoted. Queen Rania is more than the exception, but a dignified woman who's character is defined by her actions.

The comparison between Queen Rania of Jordan and Michelle Obama have been noticed. President Barrack Obama's poor leadership in developing a strategy to deal with the rising threat of ISIS places America's First Lady in a precarious position.

Whereas Michelle Obama orders her motorcade around the scene of an accident to go on a ski trip, Queen Rania of Jordan sends a televised message to the Dubai Government Summit with a powerful message. “Extremism is alien to our values. It has no place among us, nor in the future we aspire for.”

Rania with Children
While Michelle Obama tells American Schools what they can and can't have for lunch, Queen Rania advocates for an education to improve the minds and lives of all children, so they have an opportunity to rise out of poverty based on their individual abilities.


Queen Rania is a woman who is classy and eloquent at the same time, projecting a force of spirit that is easily felt by those around her. A caring spirit who sees opportunity in education, who stands with her husband against extremist enemies. What is Michelle Obama currently doing? Planning a Spring vacation to Japan in March, at the expense of American taxpayers.

Queen Rania and King AbdullahBeing the wife of a man who leads a country is no easy task. Queen Rania fills the role with dignity, integrity and distinction. Jordan is well served by a woman who has retained an open mind and caring spirit. Outspoken and resolved, her trend setting hasn't gone unnoticed around the world.

Even a few weeks ago, Queen Rania visited with the wife of the Jordanian pilot who was burned alive at the hands of ISIS. The grieving family and Jordan's Royal Family stayed together to greet the waves of F-16s returning from their sorties against ISIS, proving once and for all that Jordan's Royal Family, which includes Queen Rania of course, truly stands with their people against Islamic Terrorism. Displaying compassion during a moment of crisis is something the First Lady of the United States has yet to demonstrate, let alone her husband, President Obama.

Here are a few more photos of Queen Rania of Jordan, who has displayed more integrity in one day than Michelle Obama has in the last six years.




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