Would you eat what you see in these pictures? Would you feed it to your children? A prisoner? Your dog?


Probably not. Unfortunately, this is the sewage vomited onto school lunch trays courtesy of Michelle Obama. The Queen of healthy food who binges and noshes burgers, fries, and shakes.

The First Lady of the United States has been tyrannical in her obsessive desire to rid schools of food and replace it with something akin to sci-fi horror.

The stuff wiggles and jiggles, bounces back when touched. Maybe even moves on its own. Public school kids are entreated to a smorgasbord of horror.


Finally, Congress is getting around to doing something about saving the children from the dreaded lunch line. Senator [score]Pat Roberts[/score] (R-KS), Agriculture Chairman and the ranking Democrat, Senator [score]Debbie Stabenow[/score] (D-MI), say enough is enough.

Their approach does not appear to have so much to do with saving children the horrors of what is on their tray, as much as it is about money.

A lot of that wannabe food gets tossed back where it belongs—the trash. So, the plan is to cut the funding. Whatever works, right?

The School Nutrition Association is on-board with the bill. The SNA represents roughly 55,000 school food service workers and says that with the cut in funding, school meal programs will be rewarded with “critical flexibility to help them plan healthy school meals that appeal to students,” said Jean Ronnei, President of the SNA. When have we ever heard of, “Please, oh please, do not send the money”? That says volumes right there, when the food workers don’t want this puke in the school kitchens.

Naturally, Michelle is pissed. Who cares? Go stuff your face with fries, Michelle.

Let’s give it up for a return to pizza, chocolate milk, grilled cheese, and treat days! Everything in moderation.

Recess and P.E. helps run it off. Most importantly, no more swine slop. Let’s face it, the bill will probably fail. Barack is not going to cross Michelle.

Don’t lose hope though, because should the Republicans come into office, the disaster of school lunches will come to an end.

As an aside, anyone ever heard of packing their kid a lunch?

Source: Mad World News


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