Michelle Obama recently visited England where she gave a speech and watched cultural presentations a the Mulberry School for Girls, an all girls school in London's East End Tower Hamlets, which boasts a population where one in five people speak Bengali.

Mrs. Obama stated that she chose the school because of its multi-racial makeup and because she identified with the girls, most of whom were dressed in traditional female Muslim garb which covered their heads. Mulberry School, which considers itself a high achieving and growing school, is an odd place for a visit from America's First Lady. Many connections have been made between the school and militant Islamic groups who seek to undermine many of the things that the United States is working for in the Middle East.

Yet, true to form, Michelle seemed able to ignore those violent connections and take great pleasure in speaking and visiting with girls who have recently heard from anti-Israel groups and other hard leftists leaders.

Mrs. Obama's visit prompted cheers and screams from the girls and she was visibly trying to hold back a large grin from her face. After hearing a musical number and witnessing a poem and interpretive dance, she addressed the girls and told them that "your story is my story."

How can that be, Mrs. Obama, when your story is an American story--standing up for freedom and equality, while these girls' story is one of submission and intolerance towards other religions.

This article would look starkly different if Michelle had spoken at the school and pushed for more equality in Muslim communities or for militant Islamic groups like ISIS to stop their genocide of Christians in the Middle East.

Instead, however, Michelle showed her true stripes. She catered to her audience and praised them for their diversity and their strength, while groups supported by the Mulberry school and its administration continue to work to destroy the freedoms of Israel and countless other minority groups in the Middle East.

h/t: Breitbart


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