There is no denying that Russian president, Vladimir Putin, is the world heavyweight champion of intimidation when it comes to his presence within the Middle East. Like him or not, he is accomplishing his goal when it comes to blasting to Kingdom-come the diverse array of terrorists who occupy the region. 

Compound this with the fact that there is no love lost between Putin and our very own Eunuch in Chief, Barack Obama. Putin clearly has no place in his repertoire of global conservation-mates for weaklings like our nation’s absentee leader. Who can blame him?

While Putin leads his country in the charge to fight radical Islamic terror groups, ours visits the Arctic, in summer, to tell us how warm it’s getting. He then jets over to France, in the wake of the Paris terror attack, and tells the world that combating climate change will defeat the Jihadis. Have you ever heard of anything so stupid and embarrassing?

The Russians are taking it to the next level. They have initiated a public smear campaign on-par with no other. This campaign is beyond global as it would appear to be visible from space were a satellite to zoom in (and we know they can).  In their latest shame-facing of our useless leader, the Russians have taken to calling Obama a “schmoe.” The term is a derogatory Yiddish slang word for “schmuck.” According to Webster’s, the term “schmuck” is derived from the Yiddish term “shmok,” which refers to a part of the male anatomy.

Russia is so emboldened that they are painting “Oƃama-ɥmo” on their tarmacs, meaning Obama is a schmuck, or something akin to that.

Lovely. Over half of our nation elected a “shmok” to the office of the presidency. Can it getting any worse? Probably, and there are a whole host of ethnically derived terms out there to fill the bill. Then again, this one is visible from space.

h/t MadWorldNews

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