Americans are pretty sick and tired of hearing sore-loser liberals whine and try to make up excuses for Hillary's devastating defeat. The most recent rallying point for the left has been the notion that the Russians somehow hacked the United States and 'interfered' with the election results in some way. Obama, in particular, has been harping on this idea more than most and it turns out it's not just Americans who are fed-up with his tireless complaining.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has heard enough of Obama's complaining, and just when Obama though he was in the clear from any more responsibility he just got called out in a humiliating way.

After hearing Obama whine endlessly over the "Russian hack" Putin decided enough was enough and he sent over Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov to more or less tell Obama to put his money where his mouth is.

Peskov called out Obama for making an "indecent" and "groundless" accusation that Russia somehow intervened in the U.S. election. Then he hit him with this: "They should either stop talking about that or produce some proof at last," exclaimed Peskov. "Otherwise it all begins to look unseemly."

Now Obama really only has two options, he can either admit to the world that he has no evidence against the Russians, or he can ignore these remarks completely and look weak and soft to the world.

Of course Obama's entire contrived position on the matter really starts to fall apart when you remember that earlier he swore to never let any foreign entity interfere with the United States election, even though, only a year ago, Obama did exactly that by pouring taxpayer dollars into Israel in hopes of ousting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

This is the classic hypocritical nature that we have grown to expect from Obama and the rest of the left. They are outraged at the hypothetical idea that the Russians may have interfered with the American election, and even threaten massive retaliation, when they themselves are definitively doing the exact thing that they are upset about.

We'll see how the biggest coward and hypocrite that this country has ever seen responds to this bold challenge from Russia. Most likely, he'll do what he does best run and hide and then throw jabs from afar.

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Source: Mad World News

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