This is why it is a good thing to live in America. This is why we like our First Amendment. This is why all those who are not down with the idea of democracy can leave.

In fact, they can go live in the place that is most millennials dream escape—all weed all the time…Holland!

For a very short while anyway. You see that whole business about the caliphate-is-coming-to-a-neighborhood-near-you thing is happening there. Right now. Soon, the red light district, marijuana dens, and all the other decadent ways the Dutch like to live it up will be a thing of the past. 

Islam will end it, and they will use the Dutch government as means of creating their Caliphate. No bloodshed necessary.

This was just very clearly demonstrated in the evisceration of what the Dutch thought was their freedom of speech. The leader of Europe Pegida, a group that is anti-Caliphate was recently arrested while partaking in a protest, in the town of Ede, against 1,400 incoming  Islamic “refugees.” 

Edwin Wagensveld, the leader, sported a pink piggy winter cap with tassels. These are similar to the things the kids wear today when it is cold out.

Wagensveld was ordered by the Gestapo, err Dutch police, to remove the pig hat because it is offensive to Muslims. This was not a raucous rally, and did not involve throwing bacon at anybody.


It was simply a tongue-in-cheek attempt at a display of one’s distaste for the direction his nation is going.  He wore a pig hat and he was arrested for it. It’s not like he hunted down an anti-Islam author and stabbed him to death on the street.

This is insane. The world is on fire.

h/t: News Observer



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