As the mainstream media devotes itself to turning next month’s presidential election into more of a prime-time television soap opera – a 2016 version of Dallas – than the expression of the American electorate about the direction their country should take in the future, grave attacks on the First Amendment right to religious freedom are being ignored.

During the same two weeks that saw liberal pundits on cable and network “news” programs froth at the mouth about sordid, yet dubious and unproven accusations about Donald Trump’s personal life as a private citizen from decades past, email evidence of the Clinton machine’s attack on religious freedom went without comment.

Emails between longtime Clinton operative and current chair of Hillary’s campaign, John Podesta, and George Soros funded groups reveal not only anti-Catholic bigotry, but a specific agenda to create a “revolution” to overthrow what they call “the middle ages dictatorship” of the church that is the faith home of nearly 70 million Americans, and 1.2 billion people worldwide.

The emails called the faith “extremely backward” for its 2,000-year-old belief in the sanctity of life at conception, in direct opposition to Hillary Clinton’s expressed contention that abortion on demand is a right at any point – including birth.

In case the Democrats have forgotten, they need to be reminded that the United States was founded on the right of the people to practice their faith without interference from the government.

The very first amendment was adopted to insure that right.

Liberal globalist George Soros has donated nearly $5 million to such groups in order to revolutionize the Catholic faith to the point of being unrecognizable.

The goals would include acceptance of unlimited abortion, homosexual marriage and other liberal agenda items, which have been contrary to the teachings of the Catholic Church for two millennia.

While Clinton herself is not included in the email exchanges, Podesta, who shares a Chicago background with Hillary, as well as Michelle and Barack Obama, has been at the heart of the Clinton machine for decades and is viewed as a reflection of their policies.

Clinton has not responded to calls for her to fire Podesta, but one can only imagine the howls for the head of any Republican staffer who so much as suggested that Islam is backward or in need of revolutionizing.

The “religion of peace” that upholds as law the right of a husband to beat his wife and the public stoning of women and homosexuals is beyond criticism from the liberal left while the faith of Mother Teresa that preaches turning the other cheek and loving one’s enemies is condemned.

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