It’s hard to imagine exactly where Lena Dunham’s exalted opinion of herself originated.

Is it in an overwhelming talent along the lines of a young Meryl Streep? There’s little evidence of it.

An ability to craft the English language into poetry or stories that move the soul or inspire?

An achievement in science or medicine that improves or saves lives like a young Ben Carson?

The sheer beauty or sense of style reminiscent of a young Princess Di or Kate Middleton?

Her dedication to making the world a better place like the millions of nurses and teachers, mothers and volunteers, firefighters and law enforcement officers around the country?

The courage and selflessness of solders serving our country?

Lena Dunham is a parody of philosopher René Descartes famous quote: It is not that she thinks, therefore she exists, but rather that she thinks her existence is enough to command attention from the rest of mankind for apparently no other reason.

The 30-year-old, who was diagnosed with obsessive compulsive disorder as a child and has been treated with medication ever since, has fashioned a career by creating self-absorbed – although not self-reflective – controversies designed to portray herself as driver of social and cultural thought for young millennial women.

These have included an autobiography that revealed – and excused, her molestation of her one-year old sister.

The book also garnered more desired attention with an accusation of rape that described an innocent college classmate as the assailant with such specificity that Random House was forced to pull the book and reprint it with an apology for “the author’s confusion.”

Dunham’s first foray into presidential politics came in 2012 in an ad for President Obama’s re-election campaign comparing voting for him to having sex for the first time.


After waging her own campaign in support of Hillary Clinton, which included threatening to move to Canada if Clinton did not win (yes, please, Lena – keep that promise!) Dunham again made politics sexual with weepy post-election video claiming she “ached in all the places” that made her a woman… where she had been “carelessly grabbed.”

That’s right, Lena – the free and fair, uncontested election of the president of the United States by over 120 million American voters was all about… you.

The news isn’t all sad, though.

Dunham updated her post-election healing progress with photos of herself communing with trees at a tony resort in Sedona, Arizona where she says she “whispered to rocks” and sought “guidance from the Canyon.”

Talk about a certifiable whack job. She needs "guidance" from something other than rocks.

Unfortunately, there was no update on her pledge to move to Canada.

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