For most Americans, keeping religion out of schools is an issue that has been repeatedly dealt with over the last several decades. There have been lawsuits and complaints regarding evolution, creationism, and everything in-between.

But now, Islamic propaganda is emerging in many schools and parents are just barely beginning to fight and push back.

In Maryland, the Charles County Public School District is being sued by a husband and wife because they believe that their daughter was subjected to discrimination for not being willing to complete assignments that equated to converting to Islam.

John and Melissa Wood asked the administrators at La Plata High School to assign their daughter other assignments because the Islam assignments that were being given to their daughter included rites and recitations required by converts to Islam.

The Wood's daughter was forced to memorize and recite the five pillars of Islam in addition to writing out, word for word, the Shahada, a Muslim prayer that contains the phrase, "there is no god but Allah."

According to some reports the high school also circulated information that was disparaging toward Christians, with one reading stating, "Most Muslims’ faith is stronger than the average Christian."

But when John Wood, a former Marine and staunch patriot, asked that his daughter be given other assignments, the school said no. They further informed the Woods that if their daughter did not complete the assignments she would fail the course.

Thankfully the Woods stood up for their convictions and, even in the face of failing grades, their daughter didn't complete the propaganda work.

Now they are taking the fight to the school district through the courts, suing them with the complaint that the school district unfairly violated the rights of the Wood's daughter.

The case is being defended by the Thomas More Law Center, a group which has defended similar situations against the unfair treatment that is being dealt by the liberal school systems in America.


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