“Allah is the only god.”

According to Tennessee’s Maury County School District, this seems to be fact. In case you all were confused or had forgotten, Tennessee would be the same state where the Dickson County School District just banned the display of the American flag.

While studying world history, and completely blazing by the earlier Judaism, followed by the rise of Christianity and its spread around the world, the students’ learning has been directed to the Five Pillars of Islam, whereby they had to translate the “Shahada” with respect to the Mohammad as Allah’s prophet.

What happened to the notion of separation of church and state? Or, does that only apply to Christianity and Judaism? So, in the history class, did the kids learn about the wave of blood that earmarked the rise of the intolerant hate-filled “religion-of-pieces”? Doubtful. Being that no other religion is being taught, the entire Crusades are going to be missed, along with much of the Middle Ages.

Lessons on Christianity and Judaism, the former existing for a little over 2,000 years and the latter, for thousands more, are going to be taught in the latter part of the school year, as in stuck in there somewhere as appeasement, as part of the “Age of Exploration.” Millennia of history, that shaped the world, shoved aside for a handful of centuries of Muhammed inspired ego-maniacal blood lust, compounded by memorization of the doctrine that continues to endorse such behavior, otherwise known as Islam.

That group of people is still waiting for their Age of Enlightenment.

Students-walk out.

Parents-home school your kids and get them out of the Tennessee “Madrasa” system.

State citizens-put the dog (your educational system) back on its leash and re-gain control of your state before it is too late.

h/t: Breitbart


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