This is taking things way too far. What's next, Forks?

Great Britain has historically had a much more liberal view on the right to bear arms, something that most Americans value highly. That liberal view, however, is taking a plunge into insanity with new actions by police and anti-gun groups that are asking regular citizens to turn in any sharp-pointed knives in an attempt to stop knife-related murders.

The UK police's "Save a Life--Surrender Your Knife" campaign and the UK's knife policies are chock-full of ridiculousness. But here's just a sampling of some of the craziest.

  • The program promises to give "amnesty" to anyone who turns in a potentially dangerous knife during the appointed time for the campaign. The opportunity for "amnesty" is poorly worded, however, because owning a knife isn't illegal in the United Kingdom so there's nothing to receive amnesty for.
  • Persons under the age of 18 can't but knives in the UK, which may seem reasonable to some when considering hunting knives or other large-bladed knives. But the age ban also includes plastic knives--seriously. Some people have even reported having to show ID to purchase plastic spoons.
  • By having people turn in knives, potentially the last-resort of personal protection for many UK citizens, the UK police are now advising that people "run away" if attacked. Self-defense in Great Britain has devolved to the police advising people to travel in populated, well-lighted areas, and, in the case of an attack, to not fight back.

Perhaps the greatest inanity of the UK's proposal to round up knives is that it will do nothing to deter the rising numbers of car jackings and robberies that are prompting the police's action. Knives are easy to conceal, potentially easier than guns, and the persons who are going to be using knives to attack others could do the same with sharpened pieces of wood, glass, or other metal.


Banning knives isn't the answer, UK, but perhaps giving back the freedom for citizens to protect themselves is.

h/t: Freedom Post

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