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Police officers generally have been under extreme scrutiny in the United States for the past year and a half. Social media sharing has made it easier than ever to capture video of officers misbehaving or worse and many officers are so worried that they won't even respond to some emergency calls.

But a small, grassroots movement that is spreading across America may help allay that fear and let police officers know that they aren't alone when responding to a call.

Citizens everywhere are showing support for their local police officers by painting small, vertical stripes of blue on the curbs in front of their houses as a way to show support to officers should the officers need to respond to a call in that neighborhood.

Anthony Welichko, a Texas resident who started the movement, explained that the line isn't meant to mean anything more or less than support for the officers.

"To all law enforcement who see this line, know that the residents of this home appreciate your service and dedication to keeping the peace," Welichko said in a Facebook post.

Welichko has called his movement the "Safe Harbor Project," referring to the willingness for those who paint the blue lines in front of their homes to help officers if they need it.

While there are many potential outcomes from this movement, both for the good and bad, the most important outcome will hopefully be a renewed confidence in America's police officers to do their job and keep the peace.

Citizens who paint the blue lines should not engage outright in confronting lawbreakers, but should call authorities. If the police need your help, they will ask for it.

Though it has been a shame that police officers are being targeted for attacks we cannot let the presence of those officers be removed from America's cities. We need law, order, and protection.

h/t: The Federalist Papers



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