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There’s a popular belief that “bad things” happen in three’s, however don’t tell that to Officer Brian Strockbine a member of the Evesham Police Department, in New Jersey or the three lives he saved.

Strockbine is being hailed a hero after he managed to save three lives in the period of 10 days.

This incredible and heroic string began on March 8th when he responded to call of a woman on the front lawn who appeared to be dead, Strockbine immediately found the woman’s (who was not breathing), faint pulse, and began CPR.

On March 12th , Strockbine was the first to respond to the scene of a motor vehicle crash near Route 73 and Centre Boulevard. Police said the vehicle involved was "filled with smoke and about to catch fire."

"Officer Strockbine broke the passenger's side window and carried the victim to safety," police said, adding that the motorist, who was later hospitalized and recovered from his injuries, was unconscious and having a diabetic attack.

Finally, on March 17th , Strockbine responded to Knox Boulevard of a woman who wasn't breathing.
"Officer Strockbine immediately began CPR on the victim where she eventually was able to stabilized due to the life-saving efforts," police said.

The number three pops up all over the place in baseball. Three strikes and you're out, three outs in an inning; however perhaps what took place in New Jersey might actually reverse that popular myth?

h/t: Fox


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