The Great state of Texas is in a battle over an American flag. That's right. American citizen, Duy Tran, was informed it was not within his rights to display his American flag on his own balcony.

The management of the Lodge on El Dorado told Tran that the flag was not allowed and needed to be removed, but Tran said what really stunned him was the manager claiming his display was a "Threat to the Muslim Community". Our flag is harmful to Muslims? Wow. Let that sink in a bit.

The flag that many of our friends and family, including that of Tran, died to protect cannot be displayed by a citizen of our great land because it was found to be a threat to Muslims. The mystery part of this is when Tran's neighbors were interviewed not only were none of them Muslim but each of them said the flag should stay.

So then what is the real reason why the Lodge on El Dorado wants to deny an American citizen proudly displaying his American flag in the heart of Texas? When the news reporters went to get the management's side of the story, they were met with a typed response from the managements corporate headquarters and a not so nice invitation to be escorted off the property by a poor officer just doing his job.

The public outcry is strong and it is loud. If you were to check a few review sites on the property you will see a lot of great citizens making their voices heard against this out lash of Anti-American insanity from El Dorado.

You will also find the company giving themselves a 4 star review in response! How despicable is that? The only 'person' to defend a company like this is the company itself.

The final official reason, one the company unwittingly admitted to as it threw legal codes at the poor guy who was guilty of nothing but being a Proud American, isn't even about Muslims, but something maybe far worse.

The company, who shouldn't even have the right to fly the American flag on their entrance, said for the record, the flag was banned 'in order to maintain an aesthetically consistent image.'

That's right. They said they wanted the American flag to be removed because they found it wasn't 'aesthetically' pleasing. I'm not sure who that company thinks it is to say our flag, the American flag, is not good enough to be displayed in public.

If they hate the country that much, then they really should go back to whatever stone age village they are from. Maybe they can find an 'aesthetically' pleasing flag to fly outside of their hut and let a True American company take over their American soldier protected land so that a True American like Tran can fly his colors proud.


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