By now, everyone has seen the video footage of the San Jose riot when anti-Trump protesters were allowed by the city’s mayor to disrupt traffic, burn the American flag, and vandalize police cars, but assault Trump supporters as they left a rally.

San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo, who is a supporter of Democrat Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign, did not order the police to intervene to protect innocent citizens as they left the rally or city property.

One woman was pelted with raw eggs, rotten fruit and a bottle, others were punched, bloodied, and even chased by angry thugs, many of whom wearing bandanas to obscure their features, in a crowd chanting obscenities and waving Mexican flags and signs that read: “This is Mexico.”

This was not a demonstration and these were not protesters exercising their first amendment right to assemble and express opinions.

Citizens who genuinely want to demonstrate against a war, a policy, or a politician don’t bring eggs and rotten fruit to a demonstration.

And they certainly don’t sucker punch seniors who have the misfortune to have a different opinion.

That, however, is what the anti-Trump rioters did last week when they surrounded and cornered a 66-year-old Trump supporter and punched him, leaving him with injuries to his right eye socket that required surgery.

The victim has not consented to the release of his name, but he is seen in a video of the assault and now a concerned conservative is offering a $20,000 reward to anyone who can identify the attacker.

The Twitter account holder who uses the name “Thomas Paine” in honor of the Revolutionary Era patriot tweeted: I’m offering a $20,000 REWARD for the identity of the COWARD who sucker-punched this Trump Supporter in San Jose.”

So far, no one has stepped forward with information, but the broad reach of social media may bring this violent thug to justice, yet.

In the meantime, Mayor Liccardo continues to lay the blame for the riot at the feet of Donald Trump for having the audacity to speak his mind in America.

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